Second Hand Cars

Second hand cars have their own charm, especially to those who don’t bother using pre-loved car units. A car may be one of the most expensive purchases you may ever make in your life so it has to be a well-thought decision. Even when you think that you only deserve second hand cars just because it’s what you could only afford, here are even more benefits that you get when you buy and own second hand cars:


  1. You skip the taxes.

In the Philippines, the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act (TRAIN law) is now in full effect, affecting even the automobile industry. Simply put, higher taxes are now being imposed to brand new cars. If you opt to buy second hand cars, then you won’t have to worry because this law doesn’t affect them, probably just as how other countries do so.


  1. The lesser the price, the lesser the depreciation value.

Basically, you lose about 20% of a car’s value the moment you get your hands on it and drive it off. As years go by, a brand new car’s value lessens. Now, as you purchase and own second hand cars, you don’t get to lose its value anymore because you can have it for its lowest possible price, unlike when you’re a brand new car owner, who loses that much after years of using the unit.


  1. You get to save more from service fees.

The first few years of owning a brand new car include regular trips to the casa. This also means paying for the services which aren’t that cheap. Buying and owning second hand cars would definitely save you from this, as you won’t be required to have the car serviced by the dealer. You could even repair or fix the car on your own, if applicable.


  1. Getting scratches and dents won’t be a major issue.

Brand new car owners treat their units as their babies. Well, they should, right? They’ve paid heaps of money for the car, so they should treat them right. Not to say that owners or buyers of second hand cars for sale shouldn’t and don’t, but small scratches, broken wirings, or chipped off paint become almost minor issues for them. These kinds of things could be solved with an accurate amount of knowledge in cars, and the costings may probably be at least 50% less because it’s an old model, so why worry? After all, those LED headlamps, dashboard cover, leather seat covers, and various air freshener mounts were freebies from the original owner, right?


Though it’s a whole new experience driving brand new cars which you can call your own, when your budget’s not enough, there will always be second hand cars for sale that’ll fit your needs. As long as you carefully examine and test second hand cars that catch your attention, you’ll surely reap the benefits mentioned above.

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