Second Hand Cars for Sale

Second hand cars for sale posted online or in showrooms are really enticing, especially to those who are in need of vehicles without enough money to buy brand new models. Even when there are new cars up for a good value, still, there are even better second hand cars which are more durable and reliable.

If you’re currently eyeing that 2016 model of a sedan which your officemate is selling, here are some things to consider before giving in to the temptation:

  1. Be ready with extra cash aside from the payment for the unit.

When buying second hand cars for sale, know that you aren’t paying for a unit that’s working perfectly as a new one. To be ready, have a budget that’s at least 15%-20% of the total price of the 2nd hand unit. Brand new cars experience glitches and require minor repairs every once in a while, so what more when it’s they’re 2nd hand cards, right?

  1. Examine the unit well.

As a potential buyer, do not be shy to peek over and under, to inspect the hood, to open and close the door, and to knock on the body panels. You’ll never know what’s wrong with second hand cars for sale unless you examine them yourself because a seller won’t really tell you everything. Parts to check include body paint, seats and seatbelts, A/C, wipers, windshield washer, hood, engine, shock absorber, wheel bearings, tires, side mirrors and windows, and doors.

  1. Go through the service records.

Get an idea of how much second hand cars for sale has gone through with the service records as provided by the seller. You’ll also need those receipts and papers to track the unit’s regular maintenance schedules and to know what’s next to do for the car.

  1. Do a test-drive.

If you really want to know whether you and the unit have the “connection”, go for a drive. Observe the car parts for every move or action you make inside the vehicle. Try to listen to its surroundings to know if there are strange sounds made by the car parts. Get a feel from driving the car so you’ll know if you’ll be comfortable in using it.

  1. Negotiate accordingly.

When a car’s being sold for 500,000 pesos, would you ask for it to be sold at 350,000 pesos? Yes, you could, given that you’ve spotted a number of issues and parts to be repaired. But when the car works almost perfectly fine without having the need to fix it for a higher cost, forget it. Second hand cars for sale vary in prices because it will depend on different situations and conditions too, so do a little research first to get an idea. You just have to be vigilant and observant enough when units are sold at incredibly low prices than the usual second hand cars because something may be up that you don’t know.

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