Chery Motors

chery logoCHERY AUTOMOBILE CHINA LTD., the Manufacturer and Exporter of CHERY CARS in its active pursuit for Global Presence was able to reach the Philippine Market in 2002 through the open Gray Market highlighting its very own ECONOCAR CHERYQQ, a powerful vehicle of 800cc with a courageous torque and proven to have the weathered different road conditions.

In 2007, through a partnership with HONGKONG Investors, ISEWAY MOTORS PHILIPPINES INC. was incorporated to officially bring in a complete line-up of Passenger Cars and serve the entire Philippine Market.

In September 2013, a convergence of an existing Dealer and Business Entrepreneurs under the NEW CHERY MOTORS PHILIPPINES INC. headed by a Philippine Motorsports Tandem Danny and Marinel Santiagowas appointed by CHERY AUTOMOBILE CHINA to give CHERY BRAND a revitalized character, retrieve its corner in the market, and offer anew, its innovative and unique products, and ultimately, grow the Brand in the Philippines. . The entrepreneurial couple believes that this challenge is something they owe to the Philippine Market, for making a competitive and economical product available to the Filipino consumers.

While there are over 6 Million Registered Private Vehicles in the Philippines as shown in the data above by LTO, CHERY has developed a database of present customers who purchased vehicle units from 2002 to 2013 including Trade-in Customers and 2nd-hand Owners. These customers are living testimonies to buying for its value that is incomparably competitive. Customer demographics show that the current customers belong to an income range of Php 50,000 to Php 200,000, professional occupations, young entrepreneurs, and overseas foreign workers. Research shows that these customers are concerned about style, gasoline consumption, comfort and value for money.

The new CHERY MOTORS PHILS. INC. shall infuse a significant amount of Investment amounting to Php 200M for the development of CHERY Brand; the investment shall be for the establishment of new distribution channels, importation of vehicles, strategic marketing campaign and other materials needed for the venture. The introduction of new vehicles and the sustenance of supply and awareness campaigns shall position CHERY Brand firstly, as a credible entity, equivalent to progressive growth in income and operation of new CHERY MOTORS PHILS. INC.

Head Office:
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue. cor. J. Cruz St., Brgy. Ugong, C5 Road, Pasig City. Philippines 1604
Phone Numbers: 632- 9542138, 632-9542128

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