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hyundai logoBeginning with only 4 dealerships in 2001, Hyundai Asia Resources, Incorporated (HARI) now boasts of a nationwide fortress of 36 dealerships, making it one of the most strategically located and the fastest growing automotive network in the country in recent years —a feat HARI steadfastly actualized in less than six years.

With HARI’s diligent compliance to Hyundai Motor Company’s exclusive DEP or Dealer Enhancement Program, it has consistently reinforced its brand presence by aligning with Hyundai’s global corporate imaging programs integrated in the DEP. As a result, HARI has competently institutionalized its network operations to make visible Hyundai’s new brand image as a Modern Premium automotive brand. You may not know it, but HARI’s ardent commitment to be at par with its counterparts around the world through the DEP, it has quietly and admiringly achieved Elite status for most of its dealers. HARI currently has in its roster 28 dealerships certified as Hyundai Elite dealers, earning for HARI the illustrious title of DEP Capital of the World.

HARI’s dealer enhancement efforts, as well as other on-going efforts to carve Hyundai’s class-leading quality in the Philippine market pave for HARI a success unparalleled in its league. Wherever you are in the Philippines, we invite you to check out Hyundai at any authorized dealer spread across strategic locations nearest you. Allow us to share with you the Hyundai difference that makes motoring lifestyles as Elite and special as can be, everyday.

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