Semi Automatic Transmissions

This transmission system can either be any of the three – automatic transmission, semi-automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions in the cars are built in such a way that they can change the gears automatically without any intervention of the driver. In the case of semi automatic transmission system, you do not need to change the gear, but you need to control the gear manually. In semi-automatic transmission system, there are no clutch pedals but the driver needs to change the gears manually.

Benefits of a Semi-Automatic Transmission System Equipped Car

A semi-automatic transmission car is more fuel efficient as compared to an automatic transmission car. For those mileage conscious folks out there, a semi-automatic transmission car is certainly a desirable choice. Now you can also rebuild your manual transmission with a semi automatic transmission system and save your fuel cost.

  • For many the automatic transmission seems to be excessively complex. Many people prefer the semi-automatic versions of the cars which do not change the gears fully. The semi-automatic transmission versions of the cars are more user-friendly. The semi-automatic version only facilitates in changing the gear and also considerably improves the driving condition. All the three transmission systems have their own merits, but it has been noticed that the semi-automatic transmission is the most preferred choice in recent times.
  • The transmission system in a car is a major connection between the car’s wheels and the car’s engine. The particular gears function to match the speed of the vehicle’s engine and the wheels in order to make sure that you enjoy a comfortable and safe drive always. The manual transition system facilitates the driver to choose the suitable gear in order to match with the engine. The automatic transmission system changes the gears as per the arena of driving.  
  • In the manual transmission system, the conventional clutches are being placed in the system. In the automatic transmission system, there is an automatic mechanism in the first place. This is referred to as the torque converter and it has the power of gelling well with the fluids and the turbines. In the semi automatic transmission system, when you change the speed of the car, the torque converter facilitates in changing the gears instead of the clutch system doing the same. As a result, the driver does not need to use the clutch for changing the gears.
  • The most notable advantage of the semi-automatic transmission system us that it is very user-friendly and fuel efficient as compared to the automatic transmission system version. Also, the driver receives the desired freedom from operating the gears manually. Even you can also prevent sudden road accident by installing semi automatic transmission system because you can change the gear manually to stop the car. Else you can also use the hand gear to control the car speed and stop the car suddenly. This is a safety part of your car which will save you and your family from any manor accident.

Why would you install Semi Auto Transmission System?

In spite of all the advantages of the semi-automatic transmission system, this is to be kept in mind that there is a restriction in the speed flexibility. The drive fanatics who love to speed up often and are fond of adventure find the manual transmission system the best as compared to the automatic and semi-automatic transmission systems.  But it is suggested to maintain the speed of your car for your safety and you can install the semi automatic transmission system to save your fuel consumption level too.

So now you can search some semi auto transmission systems online and choose the best for your car. Always check their warranty and install the transmission system by qualified experts.

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