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Facebook made News Headlines when it introduces Graph Search for Desktop about two years back. As we remember, during the 4th Quarter Earning Call 2014, Mark Zuckurberg hinted towards rolling out intelligent social search engine to mobile devices. And Facebook Graph Search for Mobile is here now. Thanks to the Team Facebook for bringing out new App.

If Facebook Graph Search For give a run to Apps like Google Web Search Search and Twitter Search can not be said so soon, but yes, it will give pretty close competitions to anyone out there on search business.

So what is Facebook Graph Search For Mobile?

Facebook Graph Search for Mobile allows for Keyword based search; put a keyword or phrase and get the older posts shared with you; for example College Graduation Day or Saturday Night Party. According to Facebook News Official Updates, FB users have given loads of Feedback about Graph Search Beta. People want to find back older posts, images and media shared with them in the pasts. Now Facebook is making is Search App much smart so that you can find posts share with you from the past.

“With a quick search, you can get back to a fun video from your graduation, a news article you’ve been meaning to read, or photos from your friend’s wedding last summer,” writes Tom Stocky, VP of Facebook Search on company’s news portal.

The latest updates will be available on Facebook for iPhone and Desktop in US English.

You can consider it as Test Drive of Facebook Graph Search for Mobile; Depending on its success and customers’ feedback, company will soon roll out apps for devices like Android Phones or Windows based Mobile Phones. It has a long road to travel; mainly everything will depend on users’ acceptance and Feedback.

Search is one of the most crucial technology for any IT business, be it Small, Medium or the Size of a Giant. This allows users for interactivity within a network or Service. There are many proof of success through user engagement, like Apple’s Siri, LinkedIn Professional Network and Twitter’s Messaging App etc. Similarly the Facebook Graph Search will increase user engagement. People won’t need to look for other App outside even when logged in on a mobile device.

Facebook is a massive database in itself, there is no dearth of information. Today everyone shares on Facebook, reason is simple. Prospects are there. By advancing its Search Facility Facebook will truly keep its user engaged inside, they won’t need to switch for another service, a search engine or social network for finding things.

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