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Auto and TechIt was Uber who made it a reality when others were dreaming about a simple application which could maintain all their taxi operations. Today, the company provides numerous professional services to all end-customers regardless of their economical stage (i.e. right from average to luxury-type people). Not only taxi services, but also all other commercial necessities like food, groceries, etc. are being delivered by the company on-demand. It’s almost Uberized everywhere now.

But the base of all these innovations rose after the introduction of online taxi booking services. Along with Uber in the industry, there are other multiple taxi services like Ola, Lyft, EasyCab, etc. providing distinctive services at a larger scale. 

Though there emerge various taxi services, Uber remains the king among all. Recently, the company even launched a new service called “UberCopter” in the U.S.and is under testing process to launch driverless autonomous service globally. These new services left other competitors awestruck and made them scrutinize even deep to retain their marketplace. 

In this article, we have covered a few futuristic as well as on-test process services by Uber (mentioned before) to give you an idea about the future market growth. If you are a new entrepreneur to this industry, then glancing through this can give you enough ideas on where to enhance.

Driverless autonomous cars to replace drivers by Uber

This service is not yet launched and currently being tested in New York. Uber along with Google at the present time is testing a prototype of completely developed autonomous cars to check the performance. This initiative is taken by Uber as the self-driving industry is slowly increasing and is expected to transform the transportation system. 

Also, the company has planned to partner with a few bigshots in the automobile industry who manufactures electric cars. Uber to launch it right is taking up measures to integrate the best technologies to remain perfect.  

As the adoption of Uber like app development is increasing in the transportation industry, many car manufacturers including BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla, etc. are in the process to increase their production. So, if you have planned to provide a kind of service like this, it will be easy to adopt when you enter the market.

Recently, Lyft, the competitor of Uber has also partnered with Waymo to provide driverless car service to its customers in Phoenix, Arizona. But the service is backed up with a human driver to maintain and assure a smooth ride. 

UberCopter – On-demand flying taxi service by Uber

Uber started off with taxi service, then later added scooter and electric bikes to its service. And now, it launched a helicopter service in the United States. 

This service is claimed to be around 30 minutes and the trip can be booked on-demand via the Uber app, the same as the taxi service. Also, it allows its customers to book this service in advance of five days if planned for a weekend. 

But Uber only allows its Platinum and Diamond members to enjoy this service. This is a good strategy by the company as it aims only the potential riders who spend much of their lives inside the Uber cars. But on the other hand, this service initiative will also urge other users of the app to increase their usage, therefore, gaining more and more customers.

However, Uber has dabbled about the air service before, but this latest launch looks like a far more serious attempt as reported by one of its spokespeople. 

In addition, it reported that it is planning to launch the service in more cities eventually. Seeing this on-growing market growth of Uber, competitors like Airbnb has launched the air transport service integrated into Voom. And still, many others are planning to start equal. So, as a newbie, it is better if you come up with a strategy to outsmart these approaches. 

Upcoming business opportunities in ride-hailing service

With all these innovations emerging around, it will definitely create a good marketplace for new entrepreneurs if they are doing it right. It doesn’t matter what kind of ride you offer or what cost you fix, in the end, it’s your service that matters. Be professional to provide the best to your customers. Also, you are never too late for this industry. You can still start your race as long as the technology stops upgrading. 

Once you have a successful idea, you can approach a developing partner to create your Uber clone. There are also companies that offer clone scripts at a low price. You can buy them and customize as per your business needs. It allows you to even integrate new features for better performance. Reach the right partner and start creating today. But make sure to check their portfolio and experience in the relevant field. If possible contact their previous clients to get more exposure to their works. 

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