Motorcycle Riding Gear

Auto and TechNo matter if you’re a trail rider or road warrior, it’s important to dress the part before you fire up the bike. Proper attire is as important to safe riding as outfitting your ride with the best motorcycle parts and accessories, but the items you wear depend on your environment. Here’s a look at three different situations and the ideal gear you should put on before heading out for a ride.

The Open Road

For many riders, highways and surface streets are the only places to go for a ride, which is why a significant amount of the motorcycle riding gear on the market suits this environment. Helmets can run the gamut from basic upper head protection to full-face models. Riding pants will provide the shielding you need in case of a road wreck and your boots should be sturdy with non-slip souls and no laces.  

Trail Riding

An off-road environment offers you the least possible amount of control, which is why it’s important to place a premium on safety when buying motorcycle riding gear. Your helmet should cover your entire face while still providing a big enough opening for goggles. Invest in a pair of rigid trail-riding boots that will protect your legs and feet from obstacles, and think about body armor to shield the rest of your body.

Track Racing

On its surface, track racing might seem a lot like open-road riding, but you need to take extreme speeds into account. It’s best to think of this gear as a hybrid between the other two environments with extra protection for the upper and lower body.

Dress Right for Your Ride

Now you know how to dress for three common motorcycle environments, you’re better prepared to keep yourself safe. No matter which gear you buy, always keep a few shopping tips in mind:

  • Buy from an experienced vendor.
  • Don’t skimp on quality with safety gear.
  • Be clear about return policies before purchasing.
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