Automotive Business

Automotive business can be considered to be a big budget investment scheme. But if you have passion for cars or automobiles and do have proper knowledge about them as well, then choosing automotive business as a career option can be considered to be a great option. First of all you have to decide that whether you want to go for franchisee option or want to opt for individual ownership. Though starting up your own automotive business can be costly and quite laborious as compared to franchise option. So think and fix your niche, once decided you can then go further with other steps.

But there are few things that you must ask yourself before starting an automotive business-

Why do you want to start this business-

Before starting an automotive business or any other business you must ask yourself that why do you want to go for this business instead of any other business? Do you proper knowledge and idea about automobiles. What are your visions behind this business setup. Can your passion really turn into a profitable business for you? These kind of questions will narrow down your thinking and will enhance your decision making ability. It will sort out all the confusions going on in your mind and will clear the air giving you a better vision.

Business plan –

Be it a small scale business or a large scale business, a proper business plan is what is the most important thing. Before starting the business ask yourself that do you have a proper set of business plan or do you have any experienced guidance for the same. It can help you in long run.

Type of automotive business-

There is a variety of options under the automotive business section. So among all those variations you need to choose your niche in accordance with your knowledge and experience and budget. You can Google out what are the few options that you have under this automotive section and once you finalise the one you can then proceed further with other necessary steps involved in the establishment. Decide that whether you want to take up the franchisee option or do want to start your individual business.  Few options of automotive business are as follows-

  • Auto paint business
  • Auto glass business
  • Automotive repair business
  • Car wash business
  • Car rental business
  • Transmission business
  • Oil change business

Budget & Finance –

Once you finalise the kind of automotive business you want to establish then in accordance with the same ask yourself that do you have sufficient budget for the same if you don’t then what other finance resources do you have.


Ask yourself that do you have a proper set of location for an automotive business. The type of automotive business you have chosen will decide that whether you need a commercial location or not.

Paperwork & Licenses-

Before starting you might need to acquire proper legal licenses and have a complete set of paper works done. Ask yourself that can you get all the needed permits, do you have any legal advisor to advice you and guide you for the same, if not then whom should you ask help from. What are all the papers and licenses do you need and where to get it from.


Once you get all the necessary permissions and orders and are done with the above mentioned things and planning’s then you can now proceed further. Now it’s time to ask yourself that how many manpower’s do you really need, how to hire them, how to train them.


After manpower you need to think what are the necessary equipment’s that you have to purchase. The capital expenditure for an automotive business is generally high so try buying equipment’s in bulk to avoid the price splurge.


While starting an automotive business you have to think about the safety of everyone who is a part of the business, it’s always better to be insure and to be safe. Especially if you are starting a car repair shop then the safety of your workers should be your first priority so better to get all the insurance done beforehand.

Marketing & Advertising –

A good marketing strategy is the key to a successful business process. Think and create a proper marketing and advertising strategy. The franchisors do provide the marketing material needed for regional and nationwide campaigning. And if not then you have to do it on your own to make the brand awareness. If you choose to start your own automotive business then you have to select a name and an automotive logo. A great and impactful logo can be considered to be great and very powerful in terms of marketing or when it comes to representing your brand in a global platform.

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