Car Service Shop

Your car is something you hold very close to you. It’s an investment, it’s valuable and it’s the object of your affection. But no matter how much you love and care for your car it’s bound to have some problems sooner or later. After all it is a complex machine, with a lot of complex engineering packed into a small frame running on four wheels. So, what happens when your beloved machine does break down? What if it won’t start? Or the clutch makes a weird sound every time you shift gears?

That’s when you’ll need to take your car to a trusted and reliable car service shop. You don’t want to leave your car at the hands of some highway mechanic with a screwdriver, now, would you?

Well fear not, for here is a list of things that you should look out for when in search of a good car service shop.

  • Reputation

A good company is always preceded by its reputation. Thus, a good auto service provider should be no different.

A good reputation means that a lot of people are satisfied with the services provided and the quality of work, of that particular shop.

There is also a chance that a good service center may have a few shops across town. A business can only grow if it’s good.

You can check online about the car service shop ratings and reviews so that you get an idea about what you are expecting from them.

  • Insurance Company Preference

Another marker for a good auto repair shop is to find out if it is preferred by one or more car insurance companies. These companies are very thorough at examining and repair cars and accept no less than near-perfect work.

If an auto repair shop does have contracts with one or more insurance companies means that they do quality and consistent work.

  • Certification

Certification is a must if you’re looking for quality work. An uncertified car service shops are not expected to follow standards.

A certified shop will also use materials and components that meet minimum quality standards. Give you proper receipts for the work done and will follow safety protocols while working on your car.

A certified shop will also have certified mechanics, who’ll handle your car with care.

  • Warranty

This is yet another important feature of all good service centres. Although warranty periods for different repairs jobs may be of different duration.

It’s always a good idea to ask ahead of getting your car in for repairs. A certified and reliable car service shop will always offer a warranty for a new component used in the repair. In many cases, they’ll also provide free future service for a specific period when the repairs are major.

  • Certified technicians

It’s no easy task being an auto mechanic and there are various levels of certification awarded to those who show excellence. Putting your car in the nads of certified mechanic means that it’s in safe and more competent hands.

Many of these certifications also need to be renewed from time to time, meaning that a certified mechanic also stays updated with the latest change in technology.

You should check that your car mechanic is trained enough to repair your car model because this is very important point if you have a luxury car like BMW or Audi.

  • Other Points

A good auto service centre should also provide some or all of these following features like towing, special offers, loaner cars same, day repairs, etc. You should inquire about the price and labor rate so that you will not end up payin huge amount of money for a simple scracth. You should openly put your question to them if you have some issues then don’t hesistate to ask.


In conclusion, it can be said that you should do your research and ask around before you take your car to any auto shop. You should always check your car’s mannual to know about your car repair schedule. If you know about your car service plan you will save your car life for some more years.

It’s is better to take while to find the right place than to hastily rush to your nearest auto repair shop. If you follow all the points in this list then finding a reliable and trustworthy car service shop should not be a problem.

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