Auto Transmission

Auto transmission is no less than a revolution for daily commuters who get stuck in traffic every now and then. Auto transmission cars are perfect for cities where you have to face traffic congestions and traffic signals. Manual transmission cars have been in fashion since the invention of cars. But nowadays, automatic cars are in trend for obvious reasons. People prefer cars over bike because cars are more comfortable than bikes and making cars gearless adds it to its comfort.

Automatic transmission commonly as auto transmission or self-shifting transmission is a type of motor vehicle transmission that changes the gears according to the speed of the vehicle. This frees the drivers from shifting gears manually.

There are different types of auto transmission available in the car industry. The type of transmission also determines the cost and status of the vehicle.

Types of Auto Transmission:

  • Automated manual transmission (AMT): Automated manual transmission is also known as semi-automatic transmission. This type of auto transmission is not fully automatic but facilitates gear changes without pressing the clutch. This mechanism consists of a hydraulic actuator system and an electronic control unit.
  • Continuously variable transmission (CVT): This type of auto transmission is more clutch-less gearbox than the others. Unlike other auto transmission system, CVT comes with one special gear that handles all the variable driving situations. This allows user control on RPM for acceleration. CVT is common in scooters.
  • Dual clutch transmission (DCT): Dual Clutch Transmission works like Automated Manual Transmission, but as the name suggests, DCT gearbox uses two clutches instead of one. One clutch each for odd and even gear sets. This type of auto transmission system has two manual gearboxes.
  • Direct shift gearbox (DSG): Direct Shift Gearbox is almost similar to DCT but without its annoying problems. Just like DCT, it uses one clutch for disengaging one gear while using the other one for changing into another. Unlike DCT, it uses wet transmission resulting in less wear and tear of parts.
  • Tiptronic transmission: Tiptronic transmission is a type of auto transmission that works just like a manual gearbox. It uses a torque converter instead of clutch plates. This type of transmission provides the user to override the automatic mode. It is useful in hilly areas where you need more power to ascend and less power to descend.

Advantages of Auto Transmission Over the Manual Transmission

A manual transmission requires the driver to be engaged in shifting gears while the auto transmission does it on the behalf of the driver. In traffic congestions, it gets difficult to shift gears, push and release the clutch. Going gearless helps the user to just focus only on road and not on changing gears.  In auto transmission, the driver just needs to put the vehicle in drive mode and the vehicle coordinates with clutch and gear on its own.

Auto transmission vehicles offer a simpler interface so that new drivers feel more comfortable. The driver can pay more attention to roads rather than on the shift stick. Also, in ascending hilly areas, you don’t have to continuously shift gears according to the gradient. All you need is just put your car in drive mode and push the accelerator.

How Automatic Transmission Works:

The mechanism of auto transmission is almost the same as that of manual transmission except it has a torque converter instead of the stick shift. In auto transmission, Engine and transmission are connected to a bell housing. The bell housing consists a torque converter for the automatic transmission. The torque converter connects the engine to the transmission and then to the wheels. The transmission consists of planetary gear set that changes gear ratios.

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