Brake Repair

Brake plays an integral part of an automobile and brings the vehicle to a stop when applied. This sentence tells us in simple words the importance of brakes in an automobile. But are people really concerned much about brakes? When was the last time you got your brakes checked? In this article, we will discuss brakes and the advantages of brake repair.

Every single vehicle being driven on the road has brakes, though the efficiency of brakes varies from vehicle to vehicle. Some vehicles have efficient brakes which when applied brings the vehicle to halt while in case of inefficient ones, the vehicle drags for a long distance before coming to a halt. Which of the following vehicles would you want to be sitting in? The answer surely is the first one. Vehicles with efficient brakes stop quickly and thus avoid accidents and save the life of both the drivers.

Brakes, when made, have a long life and require only oiling at regular intervals. If we take good care of the vehicle, the life and efficiency of the brakes can be increased. Given below are a few tips for brakes.


  • Speed: Application of brakes for bringing high-speed vehicles to a halt seriously affects the condition of the brakes. When the vehicle is being driven at high speed and the brakes are applied, the brakes tend to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat. More the kinetic energy more will be the heat produced and more the damage done to the braking system.
  • Apply brakes with right foot: Applying the brakes with your right foot ensures that you don’t press the acceleration and brake pedal simultaneously. This will ensure a longer life and better braking efficiency for the vehicle and a safer ride for you.
  • Weight: Although it does not play a major role when it comes to four-wheelers but in the case of two-wheelers, too much weight can harm your brakes. You must have experienced it yourself, when two people ride a two-wheeler, the distance required to come to halt is more than when a single person is riding.
  • Drive smooth: A good driver prefers to drive at a constant speed and not accelerate and decelerate every few moments. Changing the speed causes serious damage to the brake and thus it is advisable to drive at an average speed.


After having discussed the methods to ensure efficient braking system, we must know about brake repair and understand the advantages of it.


  • Lesser stopping distance: If the brakes function well, the vehicle comes to a stop quickly which decreases the chances of accidents. This also ensures that you can stop the vehicle at the right point in case the street light turns red.
  • Safer ride: Accidents occur all the time and a good percentage of them are due to poor brakes. Even a minor accident which does not result in any injury to the driver will bring a good deal of damage to the car. The repair, though covered by the insurance, will take time and we won’t be having a convenient mode of transport till then.
  • Keeps other parts safe: Just like the human body, parts of machines fail one after the other. If the brakes are inefficient, they will damage other parts of the vehicle. Thus, brake repair does not just guarantee efficient brakes but also ensures a good overall health of the vehicle.

With the number of vehicles on the road increasing at an uncontrollable rate, brake repair has become a necessity for drivers. If you plan to get the brakes of your vehicle repaired, contact the nearest mechanic and ask him for a thorough inspection and repair if a problem is found.

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