With less than two weeks until 2014 takes its final bow, anyone and everyone is looking back on the past 50 or so weeks to see how they stacked up. For search giant Google, that means its time to check out its annual Trends report.

Besides the most popular search term (the late, great Robin Williams), the most searched for gadget (the iPhone 6) and most searched for disease symptoms (quite worryingly, Ebola took the crown here), we have the most searched for automaker.

With the long-awaited sixth-generation of one of America’s most iconic vehicles, the Mustang, and a ground-breaking update for the US market’s perennial best seller, the F-Series, it should come as no surprise at all that Ford was Google’s most searched for automaker in 2014.

Jeep captured second place, while Dodge, took third. We suspect introducing a pair of cars with 707 horsepower had something to do with that bronze medal… Scroll down to see the rest of this year’s most searched for automakers, and then head into Comments and let us know if you’re surprised by any of these.


[via AutoBlog]

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