At the 2014 Paris Motor Show, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told Maxim after the introduction of the stunning Asterion hybrid, “I strongly believe that this is not a car that will be in production, and we will not do it.” However, the Asterion concept came more than a year after Winklemann told that same magazine, at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, that “Lamborghini was not interested in hybrids.” He repeated the sentiment in Paris, saying, “We’re still not interested.”

Well, someone at Lamborghini (or the Volkswagen Group?) does appear to be interested. The company’s head of R&D, Maurizio Reggiani, told Autocar the story of the Asterion’s development “started a couple of years ago” and is still being carried out in order to understand a real world hybrid application that would satisfy Lamborghini brand values – meaning electric assistance for a naturally aspirated engine with a high cylinder count.

Reggiani never hints about the Asterion actually going on sale, but does tell Autocar, “The discussions inside Lamborghini now are about the potential cost of the car,” and how it would be positioned. Having been told that it could sell for the price of the Aventador plus the hybrid drivetrain, Autocar figures an MSRP of 350,000 pounds ($551K US). The phrase “hybrid supercar” immediately brings three cracking coupes to mind, but the Asterion – were it to make production – wouldn’t target that group; said Winklemann in that Maxim interview, “It’s not meant to go on the racetrack. The acceleration is good, and the top speed, but in handling it would be out-beaten by the others. It’s more a hyper-cruiser.” We’re fine with that, Mr. Winklemann – we think the Aston Martin Vanquish, Bentley Continental GT and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta could use the company. Bring it.

[SOURCE: AutoBlog]

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