Last November, Volvo held a thanksgiving banquet to celebrate 20 years of meaningful partnership with the men and women who’ve supported them through their endeavors in the country. Held at the Long Bar at Raffles Makati, Volvo’s guests enjoyed a fun night filled with food and friends, along with a competitive trivia game which quizzed those in attendance about Volvo’s history and cars.

Nobody went home empty-handed as various raffle prizes were given to the guests, including twenty PHP 20,000 worth of GCs for Volvo service and twenty PHP 2,000 worth of GCs for any of the Raintree group of restaurants. Attendees also received a Volvo commemorative plate in line with the tradition of celebrating 20th anniversaries with porcelain gifts.

The celebration also symbolizes Volvo’s aim of being a caring brand for both its shareholders and stakeholders. The Volvo values of functional elegance and understated prestige exemplified by both its products and its people have not gone unappreciated by clients and business partners who have continuously worked with Volvo through the years. “We would not have gotten to this milestone in our Volvo journey without the constant support of our business partners and clients. Thank you for rewarding us with years of loyal camaraderie and true friendship” said Atty. Albert Arcilla, president of Volvo Philippines.


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