Rover Jones, Auto & Tech News |  American Airlines is finally buying new planes to replace the older Boeing 767 planes with 787 Dreamliners, in a an announcement by CFO, Derek Kerr, in a podcast.

American Airlines is reportedly delaying delivery of 40 Boeing 737 MAX planes until 2025-26, than the originally planned delivery in 2020. The Boeing 737 MAX planes are regarded as lacking in premium amenities and are uncomfortable, as they squeeze in more seats than ever on a 737.  The bathrooms are relatively smaller. Some quarters are happy with this development as these uncomfortable planes will not be in service for a while.

However, to compensate on increased passenger traffic, more older planes will now be refurbished to have additional seats and thus, make them more cramped and uncomfortable than ever.

Joyous and not. This is how American Airlines passengers, flight attendants and pilots everywhere feel with the development. At least, the old 767s will be replaced.

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